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mindmeltygoodness asked:

Pssst, I was the Tak with the ridiculous boots and red contacts. It was really nice meeting you and I hope you had a really good time at the con uvu

OMG HI! I’m so glad you found me! ^^haha and yes I did have a great time, and I hope you had a great time as well! It’s was nice meeting you, and please do keep in touch! :D

Dashbord requiring Assistance


People i’m in need for a bit of a Dashbord “makeover”, because mine is dry with barely anything to show for. So please reblog if you tend to like any of the following listed below (it can be at least one of them lol).

Ed Edd n Eddy

Billy and Mandy

Powerpuff Girls

Teen Titans

Codename Kids Next Door


Hey Arnold

Danny Phantom

family guy

Sword Art Online





Donkey Kong

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